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Trust Bank Delivers Customer-First, Digital Banking with Confluent

Everything we do is in real time because batch processing is an old way of thinking. The longer your data waits, the less value it has. So, as data comes through, you need to be able to act on it, or enrich it quickly. Confluent enables this for us.

Rajay Rai | Chief Information Officer


Building a secure, digital bank to power unique, secure, and real-time experiences for customers.


Trust Bank leverages Confluent’s data streaming platform for its event-driven architecture, enabling different teams to produce, share, and consume self-service data products in the form of real-time streams, drive innovation, improve agility, reduce the total cost of ownership, and optimize quality controls and security policies across the organization.


  • A scalable and resilient platform to power new, real-time experiences for customers
  • Built-in governance to meet regulations, gain customer trust,and break down data silos so teams have self-service access to find, browse, create, share, and reuse data, wherever and whenever it’s needed
  • Lower total cost of ownership
Trust Bank Hero

Launched in September 2022, Trust Bank (aka Trust) is Singapore’s first digitally-native bank—and Standard Chartered Bank's second digital banking venture.

The key driver behind the launch? To bring real tangible value to customers through the accessibility and convenience of digital banking. Trust is cloud-native and integrated with the FairPrice Group ecosystem – one of Singapore’s most extensive consumer ecosystems – to deliver a world-class customer experience and cutting-edge security, built on a foundation of real-time data.

Confluent empowers Trust to use an event-driven, modular banking system that can expand into the future—and makes it easy for teams within Trust to consume and share data to build completely new experiences and an entire financial ecosystem for its customers.

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