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kswlDB Compute
Now Available

Stream processing use case recipes powered by ksqlDB

Last week we launched our new Stream Processing Use Case Recipes, powered by ksqlDB. Each recipe provides pre-built code samples and a step-by-step tutorial to tackle the most popular, high-impact use cases for stream processing, helping you move quickly from idea to proof-of-concept. Best of all, you can launch any of the recipes directly in Confluent Cloud in just a few minutes with a single click of a button!

Now Available

Five new fully managed source & sink connectors

We’re always working to further simplify the effort to access data across your entire business with an ever-growing library of fully managed source and sink connectors. We’ve just recently launched five new fully managed connectors, allowing you to share data broadly from these common databases and data stores to downstream systems with easy transformations along the way.

Launch your connector with confidence: Our Data Preview feature (now available on Basic, Standard, and Dedicated clusters) provides a dry-run preview of the connector output to allow for streamlined editing and a successful push to production.

Check out our entire portfolio of 60+ fully managed source & sink connectors.

Now Available

Understand resource limits with the Service Quotas API (Preview)

Now available in a public preview, the Service Quotas API allows you to easily discover the resource quotas that exist within Confluent Cloud and how they relate to different objects across the platform. For more information, check out our Service Quotas documentation.

Now Available

Tighten security with Organization-level audit log events

New audit log events for administrative operations performed at the organization, environment, and cluster levels enable enhanced securities to identify anomalies or detect bad actors. These new events complement our existing set of audit logs that captures Kafka authentication and management authorization events, Cluster RBAC events, and other events across the org.

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Join us at Devnexus: April 12-14 in Atlanta, GA

Are you going to Devnexus? We are too! Make sure to stop by the expo hall (space 39) to meet our product experts who will be on site to show you first-hand how to leverage Confluent and Apache Kafka® for your real-time stream processing initiatives.

Forum: Event-Driven Microservices with Confluent

Within our Event-Driven Microservices Forum you’ll learn everything you need to get started building your first app based on event-driven microservices: The history of monoliths, technologies used for interservice communications, the benefits of building with Confluent Cloud, and a demo of the platform!

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