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How Data Streaming Is Transforming Financial Services, By the Numbers

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Every consumer action in our modern world creates data, and businesses must make sense of it quickly to take advantage of opportunities in real time. This is especially true in the quickly maturing world of financial services, where legacy companies and startups alike are constantly innovating to stay a step ahead of what customers demand today.

Lots of these firms are finding value in using data streaming to capture and act on insights for great customer experiences, comprehensive security and governance, and improved back-end infrastructure. Financial services use cases vary widely, from fraud detection to real-time payments, and we’ve heard from customers across the industry on how they’re transforming with data streaming.

Get a look, by the numbers, of how data streaming is transforming financial services.

  • Christine Cignoli started her writing career as an editor at TechTarget and has covered lots of areas of enterprise technology — specifically data infrastructure — since then. She has a master’s degree from Emerson College.

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