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Applying ML on your Data in Motion with AWS and Confluent

ยซ Kafka Summit Europe 2021

Event-driven application architectures are becoming increasingly common as a large number of users demand more interactive, real-time, and intelligent responses. Yet it can be challenging to decideย howย to capture and perform real-time data analysis and deliver differentiating experiences.

Join experts from Confluent and AWS to learn how to build Apache Kafkaยฎ-based streaming applications backed by machine learning models. Adopting the recommendations will help you establish repeatable patterns for high performing event-based apps.

Attendees will learn how to address the most common event and data streaming challenges with Apache Kafka; best practices for building event-driven architectures for the cloud and how to get started; the end-to-end architecture of streaming a real video with Apache Kafka, using ML models for analysis, and returning results; h ow customers such as Disney+ Hotstar use Apache Kafka and Confluent Cloud on AWS to enable event streaming and enhance their customer experiences; and how tools in AWS Marketplace, like Confluent Cloud, can help you get started with streaming applications.

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