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Reimagine Financial Services
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Learn why global financial services organizations of all sizes—from traditional banks to digital-native startups—have adopted Confluent to transform how they operate their businesses.

Why Data Streaming?

finance service

Financial Services Reimagined With Apache Kafka®

Learn how our fully managed, cloud-native Kafka powers enterprise-grade data streaming, integration, and governance for modern banking and financial services use cases.

tech executive

The Tech Executive’s Guide to Data Streaming Systems

Learn everything you need to know about the widely adopted data streaming paradigm and why it’s driving competitive edge.

hybrid multi

Why You Need Data Streaming for Hybrid and Multi Cloud Data Architectures

We explain how you can modernize your data architecture with a real-time, global data plane.


fin learn from

Data Streaming in Real Life: Financial Services

Why has investing in data streaming become crucial for financial organizations? We explore the latest financial services trends and discuss real-life use cases and data streaming success stories from customers like Citigroup, Singapore Stock Exchange, Capital One, and 10X Banking.


How Data Streaming Elevates the Omnichannel Customer Experience

A conversation with Thrivent and Improving

Why would a membership-owned fraternal financial services organization need to invest in their data architecture? The answer lies at the heart of their corporate mission—putting their customer first.


Why Your Fraud Detection and Security Tools Need Data Streaming

A conversation with Scotiabank and Forrester

We take a deeper look into the role timely data and real-time context plays in risk analytics and fraud mitigation. Learn how Scotiabank uses data streaming to apply this need for speed in their AI/ML and fraud detection processes.

Unlimited Use Cases

Whether you need to bring real time to your payments, risk management, or fraud prevention applications; want to extract mainframe data to power new services; or are looking to drive innovative experiences to keep your customers coming back for more,  build a next-gen data streaming architecture that works with what you have today and future proofs it for where you want to go next. The use cases are limitless.

Modernizing Core Banking Systems

Modernize Payments Architecture for ISO 20022 Compliance

Real-time Risk Analysis With Stream Processing

Data Streaming for Real-time Artificial Intelligence

SIEM Optimization

Mainframe Integration

Upcoming Data Streaming Events

kafka summit london

Kafka Summit London 2024

How do financial services extract value from data at scale? Join us for a lunch discussion with Lloyds Banking Group on March 19.

motion tour

Americas Data in Motion Tour 2024

New financial services sessions added for São Paulo (March 7), Dallas (April 11) and Jersey City (May 2)!

kafka summit bang

Kafka Summit Bangalore 2024

Join us May 2 at the first ever event for the Apache Kafka community in Bangalore, India

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