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Show Me How: Build Streaming Data Pipelines for Real-Time Data Warehousing

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Data pipelines continue to do the heavy-lifting in data integration. However, many organizations struggle to capture the enormous potential of their data assets as theyโ€™re locked away behind siloed applications and fragmented data estates.

Learn how to build streaming data pipelines to data warehouses to use real-time, enriched data. Whether your data is on-prem, hybrid, or multicloud, streaming pipelines help break down data silos and power real-time operational and analytical use cases.

During this hands-on session, we'll show you how to:

  • Connect using Confluentโ€™s fully managed PostgreSQL CDC Source connector to stream customer data to Confluent Cloud. We'll also use a fully managed sink connector to stream enriched data into Snowflake for subsequent analytics and reporting.
  • Process and enrich data in real time with ksqlDB, generating a unified view of customersโ€™ shopping habits.
  • Govern data pipelines using Schema Registry and stream lineage.

We'll have a Q&A to answer any of your questions. Register today and learn to build your own streaming data pipelines!

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Maygol Kananizadeh

Senior Developer Adoption Manager, Confluent

Jeff Bean

Group Manager, Technical Marketing, Confluent

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