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How Businesses Succeed With Real-Time Data Streaming: 5 Use Cases

Data streaming can connect your enterprise across teams and infrastructure, creating a unified business where everyone can access the data they need. But where should you start? Real-time data streaming has a huge range of applications across industries, from retail and finance to insurance and tech.

Confluentโ€™s data streaming platform builds on top of Kafka use cases and adds even more elasticity, performance, and scalability.

In this ebook, youโ€™ll get a look at five of the common use cases when getting started with data streaming, with real-world customer examples and insights into how your organization can make the leap.

See how companies have added real-time insights and made business impact with use cases like:

  • Customer 360ยฐ and website clickstream analysis
  • Legacy IT modernization
  • A single view of the business
  • Next-gen apps
  • Real-time analytics

Download the ebook now to see which use case is your starting point.

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cc demo
kafka microservices