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Stream Governance: Discover, understand, and trust your data in motion

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With the sharp rise of real-time data and event-driven systems, the need for organizational governance over data in motion is growing. Take, for example, businesses deploying distributed, event-driven microservices built by disparate teams. As the number of microservices and data sources scale, it becomes increasingly challenging for any individual or group to understand the full scope of event streams flowing across a business and where they can all be found.

Confluent’s Stream Governance suite establishes trust in the real-time data moving throughout your business and delivers an easy, self-service experience for more teams to discover, understand, and put these streams to work.

Share the power of data in motion across your organization confidently with the only governance solution designed for the intricacies of streaming data:

  • stream catalog
    Increase collaboration and productivity with self-service data discovery
  • stream lineage
    Understand complex data relationships and uncover more insights
  • stream quality
    Deliver trusted, high-quality event streams to the business

Join this demo to see Stream Governance in action and learn how you can shift to an event-centric business while remaining compliant within an ever-evolving landscape of data regulations.

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