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Demo: How to use Confluent for streaming data pipelines

In 13 minutes, this demo will showcase how to use Confluent as a streaming data pipeline between operational databases. Weโ€™ll walk through an example of how to connect data and capture change data in real-time from a legacy database such as Oracle to a modern cloud-native database like MongoDB using Confluent.

Weโ€™ll look at how to go about:

  1. Streaming and merging customer data from an Oracle database and credit card transaction data from RabbitMQ.
  2. We will perform stream processing using ksqlDB aggregates and windowing to create a customer list with potentially stolen credit cards.
  3. Finally, weโ€™ll load the results into MongoDB Atlas using the fully managed MongoDB Atlas sink connector, for further analysis.

At the end of this demo, weโ€™ll have run through everything youโ€™ll need to build your first streaming data pipeline.

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