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Kafka as a Platform: the Ecosystem from the Ground Up

ยซ Kafka Summit London 2022

Apache Kafkaยฎ has become a key data infrastructure technology, and we all have at least a vague sense that it is a messaging system, but what else is it? How can an overgrown message bus be getting this much buzz? Well, because Kafka is merely the center of a rich streaming data platform that invites detailed exploration.

In this talk, weโ€™ll look at the entire streaming platform provided by Apache Kafka and the Confluent community components. Starting with a lonely key-value pair, weโ€™ll build up topics, partitioning, replication, and low-level Producer and Consumer APIs. Weโ€™ll group consumers into elastically scalable, fault-tolerant application clusters, then layer on more sophisticated stream processing APIs like Kafka Streams and ksqlDB. Weโ€™ll help teams collaborate around data formats with schema management. Weโ€™ll integrate with legacy systems without writing custom code. By the time weโ€™re done, the open-source project we thought was Big Dataโ€™s answer to message queues will have become an enterprise-grade streaming platform, all in 45 minutes!

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