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How to Discover, Visualize, Catalog, Share and Reuse your Kafka Streams - Kafka Summit Europe 2021

ยซ Kafka Summit Europe 2021

As Kafka deployments grow within your organization, so do the challenges around lifecycle management. For instance, do you really know what streams exist, who is producing and consuming them? What is the effect of upstream changes? How is this information kept up to date, so it is relevant and consistent to others looking to reuse these streams? Ever wish you had a way to view and visualize graphically the relationships between schemas, topics and applications? In this talk we will show you how to do that and get more value from your Kafka Streaming infrastructure using an event portal. Itโ€™s like an API portal but specialized for event streams and publish/subscribe patterns. Join us to see how you can automatically discover event streams from your Kafka clusters, import them to a catalog and then leverage code gen capabilities to ease development of new applications.

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