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Everything you ever needed to know about Kafka on Kubernetes but were afraid to ask

ยซ Kafka Summit Europe 2021

Kubernetes became the de-facto standard for running cloud-native applications. And many users turn to it also to run stateful applications such as Apache Kafka. You can use different tools to deploy Kafka on Kubernetes - write your own YAML files, use Helm Charts, or go for one of the available operators. But there is one thing all of these have in common.

You still need very good knowledge of Kubernetes to make sure your Kafka cluster works properly in all situations. This talk will cover different Kubernetes features such as resources, affinity, tolerations, pod disruption budgets, topology spread constraints and more. And it will explain why they are important for Apache Kafka and how to use them. If you are interested in running Kafka on Kubernetes and do not know all of these, this is a talk for you.

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