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Wikipedia의 이벤트 데이터 플랫폼 또는 JSON도 괜찮아요

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The Wikimedia Foundation (which operates Wikipedia) has a different engineering environment than most organizations. We build systems using only Free and Open Source Software. We have a diverse and active developer community that contributes to our software. For privacy reasons, we own and run bare metal hardware. We care about open data, and strive to make our data publicly available.

Because of this, the way we build event driven architectures is different too. The data we produce should be easily consumable for both internal engineers as well as the public developer community. Avro and other binary formats can make using data difficult, so we intentionally chose to avoid them.

This session will describe how and why we built Wikimedia's Event Data Platform using Kafka, JSON and JSONSchemas, and how we make our event data available to the world.

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