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Join Confluent executives in this keynote to learn more about the fundamental principles to reinvent data pipelines, so you can rapidly access high-quality, ready-to-use data for your real-time use cases. Hear about the launch of Stream Designer; an innovation in Confluent Cloud that simplifies building streaming data pipelines and federates observability and governance for your data in motion.

Chad Verbowski, SVP Engineering at Confluent, is a technology pioneer who has led groundbreaking advancements in data and analytics computing and infrastructure. His quest to simplify complexity at scale brought him to Confluent, where he is quickly building an engineering team that can optimize for what’s ahead across real-time data analytics, end-to-end solutions, and security.

Greg DeMichillie is the VP for Product and Solution Marketing at Confluent. Greg is a multi-disciplinary exec who lives at the intersection of eng/tech and GTM, with decades of experience building multiple industry-leading developer platforms. He has a strong background with developers (including having been one himself!) but is able to seamlessly engage with the entire enterprise, from developers to IT managers to C-level execs and use what he hears to drive product requirements.

Erica Schultz is the President of Field Operations at Confluent, the platform for data in motion. At Confluent, she oversees the sales, partner ecosystem, customer success and services teams globally. Erica serves on the Board of Directors of Amplitude, Inc. and is a founding LP of Operator Collective.

Andrew Hartnett is VP of Software Engineering at New Relic where he leads an international Engineering organization responsible for developing and maintaining the core data platform that ingests, normalizes, decorates, and makes ready for consumption massive scale data across New Relic’s multi-cloud environments.

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