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When Apache Kafka® was first created, one of the hallmarks was its native replication protocol, which provided built-in resiliency in the system. As a business scales, there’s a need to have this fault-tolerance transcend beyond the local data center, and a multi-geographic deployment becomes critical. Traditionally, Kafka Connect based solutions have tried their hand at enabling these types of deployments. However, this presents its own set of operational challenges that can be quite costly.

In this talk, we will go over how you can use the existing replication protocol across clusters. You will learn how to use Cluster Linking to run a multi-region data streaming deployment without the burden and operational overhead of running yet another data system. We will discuss:.

  • Automation options for creating mirror topics
  • Failover processes and caveats to consider
  • Handling ACL replication and consumer offset synchronization
  • And more!

So, join us on this intergalactic journey to discover how you can use Cluster Linking to decrease your operational overhead, maintain a multi-geographic deployment, and perhaps even reach infinity (and beyond)!

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