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OH: 그 마이크로서비스는 SQL 쿼리였어야 했습니다

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Nearly a decade into the microservice craze, we’re now experiencing a tragedy of the commons. Yes, event-driven architectures can simplify individual processes, but microservices create a new set of challenges that results in repetitive, undifferentiated tasks, and difficult to manage consistency.

Developers used to do the same thing when working with structured relational data. But these days, you don’t go out and implement a B-Tree for every web server. Instead, you use a database. What if the complexity of building a microservice could be replaced by the simplicity of writing a SQL query?

Materialize is a database that walks and talks like PostgreSQL but was built from the ground up for streaming. It offloads the processing and serving to an engine, leaving teams free to focus on their product goals and business logic. This talk will provide a hands-on look at Materialize and show how it can be used to simplify your application development.

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