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QuestDB, Inc.
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Kafka Connect QuestDB

QuestDB Sink connector for Apache Kafka. QuestDB is a columnar time-series database with high-performance ingestion and SQL analytics.

Choose how to deploy your Kafka Connect QuestDB



The Kafka Connect QuestDB is available as a self-hosted connector.

    Confluent Platform

    • Everything in Self-Hosted
    • Access to Confluent proprietary connectors
    • Self-managed Schema Registry
    • Confluent Platform support
    Custom connect

    Confluent Cloud

    • Everything in Confluent Platform
    • Manage connectors via Confluent Cloud UI, CLI, or REST
    • Deploy to Confluent Cloud as custom connectors
    • Enterprise support
    • Pay-as-you-go
    • Available on AWS
    • Works with Schema Registry and Stream Lineage
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