Version 1.15.0
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Sink, Source
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Azure Cosmos DB Connector (Source and Sink)

The Azure Cosmos DB connectors allow moving data between Azure Cosmos DB and Kafka. The Cosmos DB Sink connector writes data from a Kafka topic to a Cosmos DB container.

Choose how to deploy your Azure Cosmos DB Connector (Source and Sink)

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The Azure Cosmos DB Connector (Source and Sink) is a Confluent proprietary connector and available exclusively on Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform.

    Confluent Platform

    • Everything in Self-Hosted
    • Access to Confluent proprietary connectors
    • Self-managed Schema Registry
    • Confluent Platform support

    Confluent Cloud

    • Everything in Confluent Platform
    • Manage connectors via Confluent Cloud UI, CLI, or REST
    • Fully-managed by Confluent
    • 99.95% SLA
    • Always up-to-date with new features and security updates
    • Enterprise support
    • Available on AWS, Azure, and GCP
    • Works with Schema Registry and Stream Lineage
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