Version 8.9.7
Plugin type:
Source, Sink
Enterprise support:
Partner supported
Verified gold
GridGain Systems, Inc.

GridGain Connector (Source and Sink)

Kafka Connector integrates Kafka with Apache Ignite making it easy to add Apache Ignite to a Kafka pipeline-based system. Kafka Connector is scalable and resilient and takes care of many integration challenges that otherwise would have to be manually addressed if you used Kafka Producer and Consumer APIs directly.

Choose how to deploy your GridGain Connector (Source and Sink)

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The GridGain Connector (Source and Sink) is a Confluent proprietary connector and available exclusively on Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform.

    Confluent Platform

    • Everything in Self-Hosted
    • Access to Confluent proprietary connectors
    • Self-managed Schema Registry
    • Confluent Platform support
    Custom connect

    Confluent Cloud

    • Everything in Confluent Platform
    • Manage connectors via Confluent Cloud UI, CLI, or REST
    • Deploy to Confluent Cloud as custom connectors
    • Enterprise support
    • Pay-as-you-go
    • Available on AWS
    • Works with Schema Registry and Stream Lineage
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