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Amazon Web Services
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Amazon EventBridge Sink Connector

This Kafka sink connector for Amazon EventBridge allows you to send events (records) from one or multiple Kafka topics to the specified event bus, including useful features such as configurable topic to event detail-type name mapping, IAM role-based authentication, support for dead-letter queues, and schema registry support for Avro and Protocol Buffers (Protobuf).


Confluent Hub CLI installation

Use the Confluent Hub client to install this connector with:
confluent-hub install aws/kafka-eventbridge-sink:v1.2.0

Download installation

Or download the ZIP file and extract it into one of the directories that is listed on the Connect worker's plugin.path configuration properties. This must be done on each of the installations where Connect will be run.
By downloading you agree to the terms of use and software license agreement.

Configure an instance of your connector

Once installed, you can then create a connector configuration file with the connector's settings, and deploy that to a Connect worker.See here for more detailed instructions.


The connector is released as a community-supported open-source project with best effort support from the repository maintainers.