Kafka Connect Venafi

By OpenCredo Ltd.




  • Single Message Transform
  • Control Center Integration
  • Kafka Connect API
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Kafka Connect Venafi

OpenCredo Ltd.


This connector connects via HTTP to your instance of the Venafi Platform and pulls
your Log events into Kafka, allowing you to do any filtering/transforming/processing
you'd like to do within a comfortable Kafka environment.

N.B. Currently the connector starts from the beginning of time (i.e.

processes all past
events first), a future release will allow the option of starting from now (i.e.
skipping all previous events).


Install your connector

Use the Confluent Hub client to install this connector with:

confluent-hub install opencredo/kafka-connect-venafi:0.9.5

Or download the ZIP file and extract it into one of the directories that is listed on the Connect worker's plugin.path configuration properties. This must be done on each of the installations where Connect will be run. See here for more detailed instructions.

Configure an instance of your connector

Once installed, you can then create a connector configuration file with the connector's settings, and deploy that to a Connect worker. See here for more detailed instructions.

The source code is located in this repository.

For more information, see the documentation.

OpenCredo supports the Venafi source connector on behalf of Venafi.
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