The Confluent Platform

The first stream data platform built on Apache Kafka.

Imagine Stream Data Made Easy

Unlike a traditional messaging system and also unlike a stream processing framework,
Confluent Platform enables all of your interfaces to the world to be connected to, and make decisions with, all of your internal systems in real time.


Deliver Millisecond Responses to Your Business

Enable swift and easy integration of consumers and producers


IoT Operations

Identify customer needs and respond to them with context-relevant offers to boost sales.


Real Time Inventory

Update inventory systems, alert teams to service or delivery issues.


Fraud & Security

Search in real time for fraudulent transactions, or machine behavior that suggests a security breach.


Machine Monitoring

Monitor all the machines for indications of failure and respond quickly.

Confluent Platform Overview


Kafka at its Core

At the heart of Confluent Platform is the Apache Kafka Core. Confluent Platform adds features and extensions to Kafka that make configuring, deploying and managing Kafka far less complex.

A Tiered Approach to Open Source

Confluent Platform is an open-source and free platform that includes a free trial of a single commercial feature, Control Center. This approach enables developers to take advantage of the strengths of the platform at different stages of their adoption.

What’s New in Confluent Platform 3.0


Kafka Streams

The simple solution to
stream processing


Control Center

A comprehensive management
system for Apache Kafka

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