Getting Started with Streaming Data

Make all of your data available as real time streams.

Download Confluent Platform

Get up and running with the full Confluent Platform quickly on a single server or a massive cluster.

Current release:
Confluent Platform version 3.0.1 – Release Notes

Includes all the elements of Apache Kafka™ v0.10, plus:

  • Confluent Control Center
  • Schema Registry
  • Additional Clients
  • Included Connectors: HDFS, JDBC, Elasticsearch
  • REST Proxy


Upcoming release available end of October 2016:
Confluent Platform version 3.1 with all the features of the current release, plus new capabilities including multi-datacenter replication, auto data balancing, and enhancements to Confluent Control Center.

Register for the online talk on October 20 to get a deep dive on the upcoming release and be the first to download version 3.1 when it becomes available.

The fastest way is to install using either the ZIP or TAR archives. Read more about what’s included in Confluent Platform.

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