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The Key to Mastering Kafka Streams and ksqlDB

We live in a world of exponential data growth and heightened expectations of how we think businesses should harness their data to transform processes and experiences. As a result, companies are feeling the pressure to respond to events as they happen in real time. But how do you choose the right infrastructure and technologies to achieve this goal?

Enter Kafka Streams and ksqlDB—tools designed to help you integrate your databases and process, enrich, and transform your data in real time.

Sign up for this ebook and you’ll receive a practical guide for software engineers that covers:

  • The basics of Apache Kafka® and the pub/sub communication pattern
  • A full overview of Kafka Streams and streaming architecture (and how to get started)
  • How stateful stream processing works (including advanced stateful operations)
  • Building stateless and stateful stream processing apps using Kafka Streams and ksqlDB
  • How to use ksqlDB’s data integration features, powered by Kafka Connect
  • Working with different types of collections in ksqlDB and doing push and pull queries
  • Advanced ksqlDB concepts (data modeling, streams and tables, and more)
  • Deploying your Kafka Streams and ksqlDB apps to production

Download this resource and master your approach to real-time stream processing!

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Additional Resources

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