Instructor LED Online Stream Processing Training:Stream Processing Using Kafka Streams & KSQL

Course Objectives

During this instructor-led, hands-on course, you will learn how to use Confluent KSQL to transform, enrich, filter and aggregate streams of real-time data using a SQL-like language. You will also learn how to use the Apache Kafka Streams library to build streaming applications. Furthermore, you will learn how to test, monitor, secure and scale those streaming applications. You will learn how these applications integrate with the Confluent Platform powered by Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect, Confluent Schema Registry, Confluent REST Proxy as well as the ConfluentControlCenter. You will learn the role of streaming in the modern data distribution pipeline, discuss architectural concepts and components of KSQL and Kafka Streams.

Course Contents

• Fundamentals
• KSQL Use Cases
• KSQL Overview and Ecosystem
• Installing KSQL
• Using KSQL
• Deploying and Operating KSQL
• Kafka Streams Architecture
• Kafka Streams Application Anatomy
• Kafka Streams DSL
• Testing Kafka Streams Apps
• Monitoring Kafka Streams Apps
• Securing Kafka Streams Apps
• Sizing & Scaling Kafka Streams Apps
• Using the KSQL REST API
• An Introduction to Kafka Streams for Data Processing

Who should attend

This course is designed for application developers, ETL (extract, transform, and load) developers, DevOps engineers and data scientists who need to interact with Kafka clusters as a source of real-time data streams, and transform, enrich and join those streams to discover anomalies, analyze behavior or monitor complex systems.

Courses Prerequisites

Attendees should be familiar with developing in Java (preferred),.NET or Python. Attendees should also be familiar with the essentials of Apache Kafka.

Course Duration

This is a 3 day course delivered live online, via Webex. Joining instructions will be sent the day before the course starts. To test your connectivity please visit Note that using Linux to connect to the Webex session is not supported. The course is delivered from 9am to 4:30pm Central Time each day.

What is provided during the course?

We will provide you with a PDF copy of the course materials. You will need a computer to connect to the WebEx session, and to connect to the cloud-based VM.

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