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Confluent and HashiCorp

Deploying Confluent Cloud infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform and Vault decreases time to market and infrastructure management overhead while providing businesses with a consistent, automated, secure, and repeatable means of working across environments and cloud providers.

Our partnership with HashiCorp makes it easier than ever to set your data in motion. Use the Confluent Terraform provider to automate the deployment of data streaming resources including Apache Kafka clusters, topics, ACLs, RBAC, and much more. Manage these resources alongside other cloud services and automatically deploy them within established GitOps workflows. Take advantage of our HashiCorp Vault integration for secure data streaming and integrations between applications and services that require strong protection and minimal sharing of credentials.


"We are excited about Confluent's new integration with Terraform. The new, verified Terraform providers for Confluent makes provisioning critical data streaming resources simple and reliable. It automates deployments within existing CI/CD workflows across all major cloud services so organizations can easily access the real-time data they need for innovation with far less time focused on infrastructure management."

Burzin Patel, VP, Global Partner Alliances

Why Confluent & HashiCorp?

Human-readable Configuration

Define infrastructure resources in human-readable configuration files that you can version, reuse, and share.

Multi-Cloud with Ease

Seamlessly deploy Confluent Cloud across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, usingTerraform to configure everything.

Secure Manageability

Secure communications between applications and services that require strong protection and minimal sharing of credentials.

Scale Quickly

Deploy complex, mission-critical data streaming infrastructure quickly with no sacrifice on quality.

Consistent Deployability

Safely and efficiently manage your infrastructure throughout its entire lifecycle with reusable modules for multi-cloud resource provisioning.

Industry Standard

The Confluent Terraform provider enables data streaming integration within industry-standard GitOps and Infrastructure as Code best practices

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Confluent & HashiCorp Partnership

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