Microservices in the Apache Kafka Ecosystem

Join us for the online talk.

Live Webinar: September 1, 2016

10:00 AM Central European Time

1:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time

6:00 AM U.S. Western Time

Microservices in the Apache Kafka Ecosystem

Session Overview:

The world of Microservices is a little different to standard service oriented architectures. They play to an opinionated score of decentralisation, isolation and automation. Kafka, and the surrounding ecosystems, come from a somewhat different angle. One where analytic function is melded to a firehose of in-flight events. Yet business applications increasingly need to be data intensive, nimble and fast to market. This isn't as easy as it sounds.

This webinar will look at the question: How would you use Kafka and friends in a microservice application? How do you build services over a distributed log? How do you leverage the fault tolerance and scalability that comes with it? When should you use these tools and when should you not? And what about stream processing, where does that fit in? By mixing these disparate concepts we'll see how we can build scalable, service based applications that depart from traditional, synchronous, API based approaches.

This webinar will be live and will include a brief Q&A session. The session will be recorded.


Ben Stopford

Ben Stopford, Engineer, Confluent


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