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The IDC Perspective on Confluent Platform 6.0

Business moves in real time, and your digital capabilities have to keep up. But to operate in real time, in the cloud, using modern architecture, you must have access to distributed data. Apache Kafka® enables event streaming so your organization can better manage high-volume, continuous movement of data from various sources to an intermediate layer accessible to all your applications and data repositories. The brand new Confluent Platform 6.0 removes any barriers to adoption you might encounter with Kafka.

The IDC Perspective on Confluent Platform 6.0 is here, and in it, you can read IDC’s lens on the importance of event streaming to enterprise companies today, as well as key takeaways, recommended actions, and highlights of Confluent Platform 6.0. We invite you to download the report today to learn more about the first fruits of Confluent’s Project Metamorphosis—a month-to-month development rollout designed to build new capabilities and create greater operating efficiencies for all our customers.

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