Confluent Platform 7.0 と Cluster Linking でクラウドへのリアルタイムブリッジを構築 | ブログを読む

White Paper

An IDC Spotlight on Modern Data Management: Real Time and Software-Defined

We used to talk about the world’s collective data in terms of terabytes. Now, according to IDC’s latest Global Datasphere, we talk in terms of zettabtytes: 138Z of new data will be created in 2024—and 24% of it will be real-time data.

How important is real-time streaming data to enterprise organizations? If they want to respond at the speed of business, it’s crucial. In this digital economy, having a competitive advantage requires using data to support quicker decision-making, streamlined operations, and optimized customer experiences. Those things all come from data.

This IDC Technology Spotlight touches on:

  • The features any data platform must possess in order to support a modern software-defined business
  • The trends emerging as enterprises strive to overcome constraints and challenges within those environments
  • How the partnership between Confluent and Google Cloud creates a “better together” approach to real-time streaming data

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Download the Paper