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Confluent for Internet of Things (IoT)

Stream all the Things

Common Challenges with Internet of Things (IoT)

Systems are overwhelmed by dramatic increases in data volumes

The range of connected devices is broad, no one size-fits-all solution

Data streams must flow both in and out of devices

The Confluent Advantage

As the only event streaming platform built entirely on Apache Kafka, Confluent is the ideal solution for unlocking the value of all IoT data.

Connect endless services via a shared log

  • The Kafka Connect API makes it easy to connect to leading data systems, and create custom connectors for lesser known ones
  • Makes it easy to scale to hundreds or thousands of devices

Create a back pressure valve for handling unlimited streams of data

  • Producers and consumers can operate at a different pace with no data loss

Operate with Confidence

Backed by the original creators of Apache Kafka

  • Enterprise subscription gives you access to the team that created and continues to develop Apache Kafka

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