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Streaming Platform Helping to Transform Reproductive Health Care

Celmatix is changing the face of women’s health. Through the development of digital tools and genetic insights focused on fertility, they are disrupting how women approach their lifelong reproductive health journey by empowering them and their physicians with more personalized information. To address the needs of the one in eight women in America who face challenges with fertility, Celmatix applies big data and genomics to reveal what a woman’s personal metrics and DNA may reveal about her fertility. The firm takes a new and unique look at fertility, leveraging data collected from Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) as well as genetic data collected from partners through their Personalized Reproductive Medicine (PReM) Initiative.

Celmatix is empowering and transforming the way women and their physicians make informed and proactive reproductive health decisions by leveraging real-time genomics data and applying technologies such as big data analytics, machine learning, A/I and whole-genome DNA sequencing. Celmatix’s research is helping clinics optimize patient outcomes and improve the patient experience.

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Needed to better support physicians with relevant information and extract data from Electronic Medical Records, which are known for being complicated, messy and highly heterogeneous.


Implemented Confluent Platform to stream Electronic Medical Record data securely and in real time to help doctors and patients make data-informed decisions faster.


  • Harmonized and managed disparate data.
  • Achieved market differentiation with the ability to scale and expand.
  • Enabled access to vast and disparate data in real time.

Optimizing Patient Outcomes with Streaming Data

According to Andrew FigPope, Lead Data Architect at Celmatix, “No one in our space is doing anything similar to this – no one else is applying internet-scale technologies. For us to scale the way we want to and to future-proof our business, I believe Apache Kafka and Confluent are invaluable investments."

Andrew Figpope

Lead Data Architect

Confluent simplifies our processes and reduces complexity, allowing us to be more effective.

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