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Put your career in motion as Confluent sets data in motion.

In today’s age, software is no longer simply a set of applications to increase employee productivity. Instead, software is directly orchestrating the customer experiences and operations that run the business. It isn’t just that organizations are using more software, it is that, in a very real sense, they are becoming software-defined. Confluent’s mission is to set data in motion so any organization can innovate and win in this digital-first world.

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We are growing fast. Be here, and grow with us.

We make internal decisions with speed and shift to adapt to the changing market and customers’ needs. Our people have lots of autonomy and forge their own paths.


Our company values are extremely important to us. Our six core values are the nucleus of our company culture that we use to guide our actions:

Earn Our Customers' Love

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We strive to earn their love with everything we do.

To Build a Great Company, Build a Great Team

We believe that an important part of building a great company is making sure that our employees are the best they can be.

Be Smart, Humble, and Empathetic

Our employees appreciate, benefit, and learn from working with other smart, humble, and empathetic people. We strive to hire those who care deeply about others and interact with empathy towards our customers, partners, and employees.

Be Fired up and Get Stuff Done

As much as we benefit from working with smart, humble, and empathetic employees, we also need to “get it done” to pursue our enormous market opportunity. We are in hyper-growth mode and are scaling to fill the demands of the market and our current and future customers.

Be Tasteful, not Wasteful

We want to invest in areas that matter the most -- in other words, spend “tastefully,” not wastefully. We believe that thoughtful spending is essential to building a high-quality business.

One Team

It is critical that we act as and make decisions as a unified company, doing our best to optimize globally rather than locally. It means recognizing that we succeed individually and as teams, only if Confluent succeeds as a whole.

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Ranked #6 on Forbes’ Top 100 Cloud Companies to Work For


Best Teammates on Planet Earth

Loving your job has a lot to do with the people around you. Luckily at Confluent, you will find some of the most genuine people who make you excited to come to work each day.

Rest and Recharge Days

Personal time off is great but it is even better when your whole team has the day. Each quarter, teams have three recharge days where the entire team logs off and refreshes before coming back to work.

Adjustable Working Arrangements

While most of our employees work typical business hours, we encourage everyone to partner with their manager to make a schedule that works best for them and Confluent.

Weekly Lunch Stipend

At Confluent, we have a weekly lunch program called “No Pay Thursday.” On Thursdays, employees are encouraged to buy a meal out and reimburse it to enjoy time with their family, coworkers, and friends in-person or over Zoom.

Robust Benefits

Health and wellness is important and Confluent is proud to offer a total benefits program that ranks in the top percentile of companies similar in size to our industry in our established geographies. We are constantly working to enhance our benefits offerings in new geographies while keeping the health and well-being of you and your family as a top priority.

Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO)

Confluent employees work really hard to meet the needs of our growing and scaling business. To make sure that we don’t burn out, we encourage everyone to take roughly four weeks off per year.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Confluent cares deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). No matter your background or identity, we want you to feel comfortable bringing your authentic self to work. Our focus on DE&I creates a better employee experience for all and helps us become a stronger, more innovative company. Not only do we care about hiring the most diverse group of people, we care deeply about every employee coming to work as themselves and having a voice at the company. To learn more about how we are building a diverse, inclusive workplace, visit our DE&I Landing Page.

Confluent Is Remote Friendly

Confluent cares more about how you work than where you work. While our locations and practices vary by team, we believe that working from an office is not a prerequisite for productivity and the vast majority of our roles have the ability to be full-time remote if desired. When it is safe to return to the office, Confluent will reopen under a hybrid workplace model. We believe the hybrid structure is the best way for us to continue to “Build a Great Team” as it supports in-person collaboration, heads-down work, and social opportunities, while simultaneously providing increased flexibility for many.

Open Positions

Note that even though a location is identified for many of our roles, we encourage candidates to apply to positions outside of the location they live in as Confluent cares about how you work, not where you work.

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