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Modernize Your Data Warehouse with Confluent and Azure

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Migrating your on-prem data warehouse—or connecting data warehouses across clouds—to unlock analytics and machine learning innovation doesn’t need to be a multi-year lift and shift. In this webinar, see how Confluent’s data warehouse modernization solution leverages the Azure Synapse connector to help enterprises create a bridge across your Azure cloud and on-prem environments.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Seamlessly connect your distributed real-time data to your data warehouse
  • Power new analytics and apps
  • Reduce TCO of hybrid and multi-cloud data pipelines

We’ll explain how the solution works, and show you a demo!


Alicia Moniz

Cloud Partner Solutions Architect, Confluent

Peri Rocha

Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft

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cc demo
kafka microservices