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Taking Customer-Centric Programming to New Heights

Millions of households around the world depend on TiVo for entertainment. From the interactive program guide to the DVR, TiVo delivers innovative products and technologies to both service providers and end customers that revolutionize how people find content across a changing media landscape.

In order to provide these video entertainment solutions, TiVo needs to process and provide data about the video entertainment itself, whether it’s movies, TV shows, cast members or images, and also use other types of data to provide those solutions, such as channels, activation status and channel permissions. In order to optimize those solutions for end users, it’s critical for TiVo to process and analyze data from the end users, including their viewing patterns, device stability, device usage and logs.


Decouple a growing number of backend services, manage large amounts of log data, speed time to innovation for future features


Implemented Apache Kafka® to connect data across the organization and support the move to microservices


  • Reduced time to deployment
  • Achieved massive scalability
  • Freed developer resources
  • Eliminated workflow interruption

Robert Christ

Principal Engineer

We work with Confluent because it is extremely valuable to have access to experts who know the most about Apache Kafka. It’s that feeling of security that has paid off for us.

Revolutionizing How People Enjoy Entertainment

TiVo began working with Confluent and implemented Apache Kafka to better manage and leverage their data to continue their legacy of revolutionizing how people find and enjoy TV, movies and music.

“With Confluent and Apache Kafka, we have quick access to the varying types of data allows us to move faster as a development team and allows us to respond more quickly to our users,” said James Cheng, architect at TiVo.

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