Nash Develops First-of-Its-Kind Non-Custodial Exchange for Digital Assets Using Confluent Cloud

Traditional centralized exchanges, which require users to entrust their assets to a third party, prioritize performance over security, placing funds at risk to hacks and insolvency. On the other hand, blockchain-based exchanges, which are more secure than traditional services, are typically slower and more difficult to use.

Nash has developed an integrated financial services platform that combines the speed and convenience of traditional exchanges with the security of non-custodial approaches. Built from the ground up and making use of Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka®, the Nash Exchange enables users to invest in, make payments with and trade Ethereum, NEO, and other digital assets. The exchange is the first of its kind, offering non-custodial cross-chain trading with the full power of a real order book. An essential property of the exchange is its determinism – every sequence of streaming events is replayable in its exact order at any time.

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Build a first-of-its-kind financial services trading platform that combines the speed and convenience of traditional exchanges, with the security of non-custodial digital assets.


Use Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka to implement a stable, secure event streaming architecture that supports low-latency communication between services and 100% reliable event playback.


  • Greater freedom to pursue new offerings
  • Development velocity maintained with expert support
  • Stable, problem-free operations
  • Administrative overhead and security concerns eliminated
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“Confluent Cloud provided us with a very stable solution for ensuring the determinism at the heart of our exchange. We’re able to rely fully on this critical part of the system. We simply don’t have to worry about it, and that really empowers us to innovate on the complex trading aspects of our platform”

Ethan Fast

CTO at Nash

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