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Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar Powers Explosive Growth with Real-Time Event Streaming on Confluent Platform

Disney+ Hotstar is the largest OTT platform in India, with 300 million active users. The recent explosive growth of Disney+ Hotstar, which includes quadrupling its user base in a little over a year, has been driven by several factors. Increased smartphone penetration in the market and access to inexpensive data has helped. A larger factor is the platform’s content offering which includes not only live sports and events, but also original series as well as HBO and Disney content. Also among the biggest growth drivers are innovative features that let Disney+ Hotstar customers actively engage with the content and with each other in real time. During a live IPL telecast, for example, Disney+ Hotstar introduced a real-time cricket prediction game in which over 33 million unique users answered more than two billion questions—about 100K requests per second.

From a technology perspective, the company’s growth has been underpinned by real-time event streaming with Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka®. On an average day, 10 to 15 billion messages flow over Confluent Platform and Kafka, with peaks of up to five times higher. This event-driven architecture serves as a foundation for real-time analytics, increased customer engagement, enhanced customer experiences, and rapid, enterprise-wide growth.


Support rapid growth while improving the experience of 300 million customers on the largest OTT platform in India.


Use Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka to build an enterprise-scale event streaming platform that powers real-time analytics, increases customer engagement, and enhances customer experiences.

Confluent features used

  • Schema Registry
  • Confluent Control Center
  • Confluent Auto Data Balancer


  • Time to market shortened
  • Ability to scale with Confluent Auto Data Balancer
  • Large-scale deployment and high availability operations supported
  • Data compliance concerns mitigated
Disney+ Hotstar

Confluent has been instrumental in the company’s ability to scale. It’s not unusual to have 25 million concurrent users for a live match, and on a daily basis seven to eight terabytes of data come into the platform. According to Disney+ Hotstar, powering so many use cases at this scale was made possible because of the real-time event streaming infrastructure that was built on Confluent Platform and Kafka.

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