Confluent and Push Technology

Extend Kafka to the Last Mile - Reliably and at Scale

Confluent Platform is an enterprise-ready event streaming platform with a complete set of advanced capabilities designed to enable event transformations and help you accelerate application development and connectivity. Push Technology Diffusion (R) Real-Time API Management Platform extends the scalability and functionality of Confluent Platform by managing and distributing events to the last mile, across applications, devices and systems, via the public web, mobile, and satellite networks. Diffusion simplifies the complexities of building internet-based applications.

Why Push Technology and Confluent Platform?

  • Extend Kafka to the last mile

    Easily and quickly extend Confluent Platform data pipelines across the web clients, mobile users and IoT applications with Diffusion

  • Reliable, performant event streaming at the edge

    Retain high-throughput and quality of service you expect from Confluent Platform even if network performance degrades with satellite and mobile connections



  • Ingests and disperses data

    Diffusion is both a sink and a source for Confluent Platform, ingests from disparate sources, and disperses data to large numbers of end user applications and devices.

  • Freedom of Choice

    Expand and scale on-premise, in-the-cloud, or in hybrid environments to match rapidly increasing or fluctuating demand, with minimal investment in infrastructure.

Confluent Platform and Diffusion Integration

The Push Technology Diffusion (R) Real-Time API Management Platform integrates with Confluent Platform seamlessly with the Diffusion Kafka Adapter. By simply placing the adapter in your Kafka deployment’s plugin directory, you can use the Confluent Control Center UI to easily add a new source or sink connector for ingestion or broadcast of events.

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