Arcadia Data

Real-time Visual Analytics on Data in Apache Kafka®

Streaming visualizations give you real-time analytics to see the trends and patterns in your data to help you react more quickly. A wide variety of use cases such as fraud detection, data quality analysis and operations optimization need quick responses, and real-time analytics helps users drill down to issues that require immediate attention.

Arcadia Data visual analytics with Confluent KSQL lets business users visualize streaming data in Apache Kafka® without requiring specialized skills.

Why Confluent Platform for Arcadia?

  • Easy-to-Use Streaming Visualizations

    Enable business teams to easily build and deploy business intelligence (BI) dashboards on streaming data in Apache Kafka, with an interface designed for any type of user.

  • Real-time Insight on Fast and Complex Data

    Continuous intelligence using rich multi-source dashboards which include streaming data for real-time insights and the ability to drill into granular big data

    Unlock valuable insights from sources previously considered out of reach


  • Faster time to insight

    AI/ML-driven analytics such as search-based BI and visualization recommendations allow more rapid dashboard development.

    Deploy new insights into production with Smart Acceleration


  • Scalable Analytics

    Get more insights and value from Apache Kafka – fast query and analysis for 100s of concurrent users on big, fast, and complex data

Native Access for Streaming Analytics

Real-Time + Historical Arcadia Data Streaming Visualizations

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