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Kora by Confluent Cloud: 10x better Kafka

Kora manages 30,000+ fully managed clusters for customers to connect, process, and share all their data.

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Connect your data in real time with a platform that spans from on-prem to cloud and across clouds.

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“Before Confluent, when we had broker outages that required rebuilds, it could take up to three days of developer time to resolve. Now, Confluent takes care of everything for us, so our developers can focus on building new features and applications.”

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Founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka®


Over 3 million support hours of Kafka expertise


Responsible for over 80% of Apache Kafka commits


Operate over 30K clusters in Confluent Cloud

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Cloud-native data streaming with scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing fit for any budget

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Learn how to lower the cost of Apache Kafka for your business by up to 60%

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Deploy quickly and confidently with easy access to data streaming expertise

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