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Confluent’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Confluent is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We seek to build a diverse company where every employee, regardless of background, identity, or life experience, has the opportunity to grow and thrive. Not only does this create a richer, more vibrant employee experience for everyone, but it will also help us find and create new business opportunities.

Our Mission

To achieve our mission to put an event streaming platform at the heart of every organization around the world, Confluent must reflect and embrace the diversity of the global community.

Getting to the heart of it

We know that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) can mean different things to different audiences, particularly across a diverse global landscape. Here’s what DEI means to us at Confluent:

Diverse Workforce:

We run fair practices to recruit, retain and develop diverse talent.

Equitable Treatment:

We recognize, reward, and evaluate all employees fairly.

Culture of Inclusion:

We value, respect, and celebrate employees for their unique perspectives.

Experience Ambassadors

Through activities and outreach, this group of employees from around the globe helps us scale the Confluent culture and ensure that every employee feels connected to their coworkers, no matter where they live or work.

Women’s History Month

This year, we celebrated the accomplishments of women and allies at Confluent through internal and external blog posts, and hosted roundtable discussions for our Engineering and Field Ops orgs about how to support women’s career growth.


Throughout June, Confluent celebrated with regional Pride Parties, educational opportunities, and an employee-led Trivia Game honoring our LGBTQ community and the allies who support them!

Intern Program

Each summer, we bring a diverse group of college students to Confluent for a twelve-week learning experience unlike any other. We’re proud that so many of them choose to return as full-time employees once they graduate!

Kafka for Kids

We actively support parents and caregivers, and welcome their families into our Confluent community. On Take Your Kids to Work Day, we hosted a primer on the basics of Apache Kafka to educate Confluent’s future “community advocates.”


We observed this important day by showing up as a community to commit to antiracism and learn how we can make Confluent a place where Black employees can truly succeed.

As a private start up, Confluent is at the beginning of our DEI journey, and we’re making big investments now to set us up for long-term success.

Ashley Padilla

Customer Marketing Manager, Conmigos Co-Lead

Allyship is a partnership. I want people to lock arms with us and say, “I hear you. I see you. I’m here.”

Spotlight on Employee Resource Groups

Our employee communities, designed to recognize and celebrate the unique identities and experiences of all Confluenteers, are essential to our DEI strategy. In 2020, Confluent launched our Employee Resource Group (ERG) program with the mission to create a more diverse and inclusive culture in line with our core values, attract and retain underrepresented talent, and provide development opportunities for employee community members and allies.

We are proud to sponsor six employee-led affinity groups, all of which are transitioning to formal ERG status by the end of the year:

Asians @ Confluent (ACON)

To create a platform for Asian / Pacific Islanders and allies to grow professionally, celebrate their cultures, advocate for social impact, and build meaningful connections.


Grow, empower, and champion the Black communities within and outside of Confluent while fostering meaningful action from allies.


Create an inclusive and equitable space to champion all Latinx and Hispanic employees and their heritage through development opportunities, outreach, and advocacy.


Build a supportive, visible community for queer Confluenteers and allies where they will always belong and be heard.

Veterans Network (VetNet)

Create a veteran-friendly workplace that empowers, supports, and builds camaraderie among veterans at Confluent and in the community.

Women's Inclusion Network (WIN)

Amplify the leadership and impact of women at Confluent through community, allyship, and development.

In addition to a vibrant membership, each ERG has a dedicated team of Leads, executive sponsors, and the support of Confluent's Inclusion & Engagement team.

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