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Leon Stiel
Director at Citi Group
We need to shift our thinking from everything-at-rest to everything in motion.
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The Time is Now:
Kafka as a Cloud-Native Service

Good teams manage Kafka,
great teams don’t.

The world loves Kafka, but not managing it. With Confluent, your best teams can focus on your business, not on managing data infrastructure.

Say goodbye to managing Zookeeper, cluster sizing, scaling, capacity planning, worrying about the latest security patch, and more.

Rest assured with our 99.95% Uptime SLA and ability to scale to 10s of GBps. Know you’re safe with our SOC 1, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3, PCI, ISO 27001, EBA, GDPR, and HIPAA attestations.

Cloud saves you up to 60%

Confluent allows you to eliminate all infrastructure costs from self-managing Kafka. Even better, you can allocate your critical talent to complete projects faster.

And with our unmatched Kafka expertise for support and guidance, you’ll get to success faster and avoid suffering from costly downtime.

Cloud-Native, Complete, Everywhere
The Confluent Advantage

What sets Confluent apart? These three attributes:


Our service isn’t vanilla Kafka software forced into the cloud. We’ve re-built the inner workings of Kafka from the ground up --- as a fully-managed cloud-native service.


Confluent completes Kafka, with 100+ connectors, simplified data stream processing, enterprise security and reliability and zero to minimal operational effort.


Whether your environment is in the cloud, multiple clouds, or on-premises, Confluent has you covered through our cloud service as well as self-managed software.

Confluent is Your Central Nervous System

Real-time connectivity, real-time applications

Ubiquitous Real-Time Data, Continuous Real-Time Processing

Connect your entire organization with real-time flow and processing of data, and build applications that react and respond to that data flow.

Confluent enables the world’s leading organizations to compete and win by delivering rich front-end customer experiences and real-time backend operations.

Customer Stories

"Kafka and Confluent are the backbone of our digital omnichannel transformation and success at Walmart."
"We look at events as running our business."
"Confluent is our central nervous system for everything from customer-facing apps to our distribution center operations."

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Cloud-Native Service

All the power of Confluent. No infrastructure or aspirin required.

Self-managed software

Enterprise-ready software for workloads that remain on-premises.