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Apache Kafka® & Apache Flink®
Unified for the Data Streaming Era

Experience Kafka reinvented with Flink — on the cloud-native and complete data streaming platform to connect and process your data in real-time everywhere you need it.

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Founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka

30k clusters in cloud

Clusters operated in Confluent Cloud

3 trillion messages

Messages written
per day

1 exabyte

Data processed
per year

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Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink is Now Generally Available

Experience the industry's only cloud-native, serverless Flink service. Explore how you can process data in-flight to create high-quality, reusable streams delivered anywhere in real-time.


Announcing the Confluent Cloud Q2 Launch

Introducing updates to Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink®️, Enterprise Clusters, Connectors, BYOK, Partner programs, and more!

Webinar: How to Build a Data Mesh

Now Available: 2024 Data Streaming Report

Discover the top trends and tactics IT leaders are leveraging to drive transformation and innovation with data streaming.

Current 2024

Join us at Current 2024

Real-time apps and pipelines, event-driven architectures, and always-on AI learning. At Current 2024, we’re bringing the experts together and getting to the heart of all this innovation—data streaming.

Confluent Is So Much More Than Kafka

Cloud Native

10x Apache Kafka® service powered by the Kora Engine

  • Elastic scalability with simple scale/shrink for GBps+ workloads and no limit retention
  • Guaranteed resiliency with a 99.99% uptime SLA and built-in data durability
  • Low latency with predictable performance levels, sustained over time

A complete, enterprise-grade data streaming platform

  • 120+ pre-built connectors across all your apps & data systems
  • In-flight stream processing with serverless Flink
  • Enterprise-grade security & governance

Availability everywhere your data and applications reside

  • Fully managed service available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Self-managed software available for on-prem & private cloud workloads
  • Hybrid & multicloud flexibility with clusters that seamlessly sync in real time

Reinventing Kafka to Be Cheaper than Free

Self-managing open source Kafka comes with many costs that consume valuable resources and tech spend. Take the Confluent Cost Savings Challenge to see how you can reduce your costs of running Kafka with the data streaming platform loved by developers and trusted by enterprises.

Reduced Infrastructure

Reduce your infra footprint and cloud spend with elastically scaling clusters, automated data balancing, and an optimized compute, storage, and networking stack

Lower Development & Ops Costs

Eliminate the operational burdens of self-managing Kafka and avoid costly resource investments in low-level infrastructure tooling with a complete data streaming platform

Minimized Downtime

Decrease downtime and business disruption with multi-AZ clusters and a 99.99% uptime SLA that covers both Kafka and the underlying infrastructure

Included, Committer-Led Support

Offload support to Confluent’s committer-led experts with 1M+ hours experience delivering Kafka success in the cloud, on-prem, and everywhere in between

Fuel Your Entire Business With
Real-Time Data

Artificial Intelligence
Hybrid & Multicloud
Customer 360

Artificial Intelligence

Your AI models are only as good as the data that’s provided to them. Bring real-time, contextual, highly governed and trustworthy data to your AI systems and applications, just in time, and deliver production-scale AI-powered applications faster.

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Event-Driven Microservices

Unlock greater agility and faster innovation with loosely coupled microservices. Use Confluent to completely decouple your microservices, standardize on inter-service communication, and eliminate the need to maintain independent data states.

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Universal Data Mobility

Embrace the cloud at your pace and maintain a persistent data bridge to keep data across all on-prem, hybrid and multicloud environments in sync. Incrementally migrate to the cloud, enable developers to access best-of-breed cloud tools, and build next-gen apps faster.

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Hybrid and Multicloud

Connected Customer Experiences

Capture and process customer interactions as they happen. Build a data-rich view of their actions and preferences to engage with them in the most meaningful ways—personalizing their experiences, across every channel in real time.

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Customer 360
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