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Set Your
Data in Motion

Your business is in motion. Now, you have a data platform for it. Confluent makes it easy to connect your apps, systems, and your entire organization with real-time data flow and processing.

Instacart added half a million new customers when the pandemic hit. Here’s how data streaming made it happen.

Get the Ultimate, Cloud-Native Apache Kafka® Experience

You love Apache Kafka, but not managing it. Our fully managed service means your best people can now focus on delivering value to your customers.

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No more cluster sizing, scaling, over provisioning, ZooKeeper management or hardware.

Rest assured with unlimited access to our Kafka experts and 99.95% uptime SLA. It's easy to get started and you'll lower your costs by 45%.

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Endless Possibilities. Limitless Use Cases.

Empower every team to create real-time value. Explore a few popular use cases.

  • Customer 360
  • Fraud Detection
  • Microservices
  • Hybrid and Multicloud

Customer 360

Connected Customer Experiences

When your customers’ transactions and interactions are locked away in specialized systems, you need to carefully stitch together data sets for a single source of customer truth. Or you can use Confluent!

With Confluent, capture and process customer interactions as they happen. Unlock a data-rich view of their actions and preferences and engage with them in the most meaningful ways, personalizing their experiences, across every channel, in real time.

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Fraud Detection

Real-time Fraud Detection

When it comes to fraud, every second matters. However, data to combat fraud is often locked away in siloed databases that don’t talk to each other and when they do, data is processed in batches which can’t surface insights or prevent unauthorized activity in real-time.

With Confluent, connect and access all the data required to analyze, detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Serve your machine learning systems with continuous streams of data to score transactions faster, keep the digital identity of your customer up to date and instantly alert on abnormal activity.

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Event-driven Microservices

Loosely coupled microservices are the latest development trend providing greater agility for fast innovation.

But how do these services pass data and share state with the apps they serve? If one service crashes, how do you ensure it doesn’t affect another? As you scale to thousands of services, how do you not sacrifice security?

Use Confluent to completely decouple your microservices, standardize on inter-service communication and eliminate the need to maintain independent data states. Build a new class of microservices that are highly scalable, resilient in design and contextually aware.

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Hybrid & Multicloud

Data Mobility Across On-Premises and Cloud

Moving applications to the cloud is a massively complex undertaking. And because some applications can be intricately tied to your legacy systems, migration may not even be an option.

With Confluent, embrace the cloud at your pace and maintain a persistent data bridge to keep data across all on-prem, hybrid and multicloud environments in sync. Incrementally migrate to the cloud, enable developers to access the best-of-breed cloud tools and build next-gen apps faster.

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Why Confluent

We Are the Only Company Focused on Data in Motion and Your Success


In the cloud, you expect data systems to be seamless and transparent. So, we’ve reimagined Kafka for the cloud and built it from the ground up - as a serverless, elastic, cost-effective and fully managed cloud native service.


Confluent completes Kafka, with 120+ connectors, simplified data stream processing, enterprise security and reliability and zero to minimal operational effort.


Whether your environment is in the cloud, multiple clouds, or on-premises, Confluent has you covered through our cloud service as well as self-managed software.

Success Stories

Trusted by the World’s Leading Organizations

"Kafka and Confluent are the backbone of our digital omnichannel transformation and success at Walmart."

"Confluent Cloud made it possible for us to meet our tight launch deadline with limited resources. With event streaming as a managed service, we had no costly hires to maintain our clusters and no worries about 24x7 reliability."

"Confluent is our central nervous system for everything from customer-facing apps to our distribution center operations."

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