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The Complete Event Streaming Platform for Apache Kafka®

The Complete Event Streaming Platform for Apache Kafka®

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Apache Kafka 101
  • Apache Kafka 101
  • Confluent 101
  • Enterpise Platform
  • Cloud-native service

What do you want to accomplish with Confluent?

  • Apache Kafka

    Apache Kafka 101

    Learn all the Kafka basics: architecture design, how to develop event streaming applications, and operational best practices

  • Confluent Icon

    Confluent 101

    Learn how Confluent unlocks your productivity with multi-language support, pre-built connectors and SQL-based stream processing

  • Confluent Cloud

    Cloud-Based Solution

    Learn how Confluent Cloud helps you offload event streaming to the Kafka experts through a fully managed cloud-native service

  • Confluent Platform

    On-Prem Solution

    Learn how Confluent Platform offers enterprise security, availability and compliance, with tools to operate efficiently at scale

How we work.

Be infrastructure-enabled, not infrastructure-restricted

Legacy technologies require you to choose between being real-time or highly-scalable. Event streaming enables you to innovate and win - by being both real-time and highly-scalable.

Deliver new, real-time customer experiences

Ever wonder how Lyft analyzes massive amounts of data from multiple sources to calculate real-time ETA? Ever wonder how Capital One analyzes millions of credit card transactions across the globe and sends fraud notifications in real-time? The answer is event streaming.

Realize massive internal efficiencies

Move to microservices. Enable your hybrid strategy through a persistent bridge to cloud. Break down silos to demonstrate compliance. Gain real-time, persistent event transport. The list is endless...

Try Confluent.

Fully managed service

Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Try a serverless Kafka experience.

Self managed software

Experience the power of our enterprise-ready platform through our free download.

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